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Night on the City Documentary
Night on the City Documentary
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Night on the City

Documentary, 44′ / 2010

Night falls over the city of Sofia. Streets are getting lonely, shops are closing, and the late night restaurants and clubs are getting ready to welcome their visitors. If you decide to take a walk around the city centre in the night, you will discover that all seems very different. The people you meet are different from the ones you meet during the day. Architecture acquires a romantic tinge. The air is clearer.

Using the background of night-time Sofia Night on the City tells the stories of several people who are working at that time. These people are quite ordinary and nobody seems to notice them. They are the actual heroes of our time. The heroes who have no media visibility.

  Best  cinematography of Film Makers – Golden Eye – National Festival for cinematography

Popovo 2011, Bulgaria.

 Watch online: www.netcinema.bg





Sofia Municipality