TEACH.Co | Who are those mothers? Documentary
Who are those mothers? Documentary
Who are those mothers? Documentary
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Who are those mothers?

Documentary, 30′ / 2011

G. is 15 years old. She is pregnant in the fourth month… with her second child. She gave birth to her first son when she was only fourteen. She is one of the approximately 5,000 girls every year in Bulgaria who “marry” and bear children between age 13 and 18. Regardless of their reasoning, these are all “children-mothers”, who are raising their own children. Often, they are given no chance of making their life choice themselves and they are left in the closed loop of illiteracy, un- employment, and poverty. And their children and their children’s children will most probably re-enact for they couldn’t know that life would offer other opportunities.

Who are those mothers?

  Award of the 5th Roma Life –Central European Documentary Festival / March 2012